Below you can read and sign our open statement on the 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War and the pressing need for a political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an end to the occupation. 

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Statement on the 50th anniversary of the 6 Day War:

In June 1967, Jewish communities around the world rallied behind Israel in a time of dire need, as the country was threatened with annihilation only 19 years after its founding. Israel’s victory in the Six Day War ensured Israel’s survival, and granted Jewish people access to some of our holiest places for the first time since 1948. June 2017 marks 50 years since that fateful victory.

However, this anniversary also means something quite different. June 2017 signals 50 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem; 50 years of Palestinian life controlled by a foreign military and government over which they have no say. 50 years of a purportedly temporary system that has morphed into a seemingly permanent regime, which threatens Israel's very being. 

Israel’s needs have changed considerably since 1967, but our commitment as diaspora Jews to Israel’s future is unwavering. We stand unequivocally with Israel and for a prosperous, thriving, and secure Jewish and democratic state. But Israel’s security cannot be built on the backs of the Palestinian people. Put simply, the occupation is putting Israel’s future at risk.

After 50 years of occupation, it is time to say: enough. For the basic security and human rights of both Israelis and Palestinians, for Israel to remain true to the Jewish and democratic values on which it was founded, and for the dream of two states for two peoples to be realised, the occupation must end.

We invite all who share the vision of a thriving Jewish and democratic Israel living in peace and security to join us and our partners in Israel in calling for the Israeli government to act now, after 50 years, to work to bring the occupation to an end, and to reach a negotiated political resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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